About Us

 Give Our Youth a Chance (GOYAC) is a nonprofit organization of fourth generation descendants of slaves brought from Africa (Legacy Africans), in cooperation with others who are heeding the “call”, of undertaking the mission of creating a village in which to successfully nurture our youth in a comprehensive, holistic and spiritual manner. The purpose of this mission is to promote trauma recovery, spiritual healing and the discovery of a life passion through the Arts and athletics, which, we are assured will ultimately lead to personal fulfillment in addition to the ability to ascend above the subordinate position relegated to Legend Africans by the American power structure. 


     The so called “Negro problem” has been studied and rehashed generation after generation to no avail. The situation is obvious, undeniable and worsening. No more discussion is needed. Efforts would be more wisely spent in discussions about the best means of implementing meaningful, practical and effective measures to ameliorate this humanitarian crisis perpetuated right here on American soil. To continue to feign ignorance of the root causes and real issues we face as a nation would not only be morally reprehensible, but also an abomination to our Higher Power, who created all of mankind equally.


     GOYAC proposes to implement sound and proven youth-focused practices in order to slow down the tide of subjugation that is drowning our youth’s talent and future promise. We intend to replace this tide with a billowing wave that gives rise to a higher position for our youth, whom by no doing of their own, are hopelessly relegated to a position of subordination and degradation.

      GOYAC envisions an experiential and holistic approach that would expose our youth on a consistent and regular basis to rich and multifaceted experiences, utilizing the abundant and varied public and private resources widely available in the Philadelphia area. The purpose of this approach would be to facilitate our youth in choosing their individual, self-directed paths to more fully realize their talents and passions. We want to provide our youth with the opportunities to pray, learn and play in a compassionate, supportive environment reflective of the multi-generational, multi-age, multicultural, multi-talented, multi-faith, etc. world in which we live.

     Our short-term intent is to serve the native sons and daughters of West Philadelphia - specifically the West Powelton Village, Mantua and Mill Creek neighborhoods, within the age range of 4 - 14, inclusive of all ability levels, academic standing and religious affiliation. We relish the thought of the day when our Legacy African youth walk without shame holding their heads high, dance like no one’s watching and sing to the top of their lungs. It is our hope that they support and value one another, innovate and create the unimaginable, make healthy mind and body choices, use negotiation tools and when those fail, know how to resort to love and peace. We want them to tell their story through voice and song, to know the power of prayer and the rewards of a spirit-filled life and to know their life is precious and a gift from God.

     Our conviction is that to achieve success in these endeavors, it is imperative for families, the local community and the community-at-large to have a vested interest and to participate in a meaningful way. GOYAC intends to have a special outreach to our youth’s fathers and grandfathers because we do not ascribe to the stereotype of the Legacy . African father being absent from his children’s life. We believe that the social and communication skills necessary to be a contributing member of society requires face-to-face interaction, human guidance, and support from “real friends”. We also believe the issue of the “digital divide” has been resolved, so GOYAC would like to, as much as possible, provide an environment without the use of personal electronic devices ( “digital-free” ).

     GOYAC’s goal is to be a “grassroots” organization as it relates to our service population, implementation, funding and long-term operation. We would hope to achieve this from monetary donations, in-kind donations and volunteerism. This choice in method is for the purpose of GOYAC being self-sustaining and maintaining a sense of independence and flexibility in the depth and breadth of our programing.